Asahi (HK) Ltd. started its precision plastic mold making in the 1980's. Its product portfolio spans from plastic housings for 3C products and
cosmetics industry. From 2001, Asahi (HK) Ltd. has engaged business in the mobile phone sector and soon supplied to the top five global brands and the major Japanese brands in the industry.

Asahi (HK) Ltd. provides one-stop services to its clients, covering product design, mold design, injection molding, coating, printing, assembly and logistics services. On the other hand, Asahi (HK) Ltd. has been advancing the leading edge in technology and the manufacturing arena. Asahi (HK) Ltd. has been working closely with the government and universities on
technological research and development for patent programs.

Asahi (HK) Ltd. firmly believes that the quintessence of a
sustainable business should be: mutual respect among the
customers, suppliers and employees; unimpeded communications
between stake holders; self-disciplined corporation and its work
force; and affirmative responsibilities towards the environment,
the society, its employees and its investors.