Asahi has been awarded two innovative projects from the Innovative Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University separately and independenty. Having the leading edge processing equipment in all of the manufacturing processing shops, Asahi sees the process optimization as the competitive edge in the plastic industry.

The two projects will accomplish process optimization under equipment constraint and material constraint respectively. As of this time of press, there are no commercial applications available yet. The potential of these two projects will be a break-through in production scheduling in the discrete manufacturing sector and tool making sector respectively.

Asahi has also been working closely with GF AgieCharmilles, the world's leading supplier of machines and automation solutions to the tool and mold making industry to explore the paradigm shift in the mold making industry: turning the uniqueness of individual mold into a streamlining and collective mass production manner. Asahi envisions this is not a evolutionary endeavor, but a revolutionary one.